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From the TAG Team..

Dear Friends,

Due to COVID-19, local scenes and creators who made them have been hit hard. Many creative outlets and venues have been shut down, slashing creator income and exposure. To combat this, we have reworked our site and efforts to release The Artist Grid as soon as we could.

The Artist Grid is the product of two years’ hard work, development, and community networking. The future Non-profit "The Artist Grid" and its accompanying site are not completely developed but the team decided that there was some good we could do for our friends and community. There is no handbook on how to release a business or community organization during a pandemic. So, we’re flying by the seat of our pants here, hoping to make a positive difference in the lives of people that are continually changing ours. We are releasing the TAG Talks podcast, The Grid (our Creator and Community Indexes), and our flagship project under Project Umbrella to try and aid the efforts of the creators in our communities.

TAG Talks aims to shed light on artists, creators, and organizations in the SE MN region. This goal has only shifted slightly to give those same people the chance to talk about their struggles and triumphs during this pandemic. All are welcome to contact us to set up a date to get on the podcast.

The Grid was originally made to help give a clearer picture as to who was creating in different communities, as well as which organizations supported and grew “artrepreneurial” endeavors. The Community Index will now have a wider lens. Open to be utilized by all businesses, the indexes will reflect any changes to business’ day to day activities due to Covid-19. A “Covid Update” section has been added so businesses can have updated hours, special circumstances, etc. available for the public. The Grid is expected to release 1 week following the release of the TAG site. Please reach out to us if you are an artist or business interested in getting on The Grid.

For to find out more on each section of TAG, please explore the site or contact us directly. As always, all services of The Artist Grid are free for all users and community members.

Stay safe and be good to each other


-The Artist Grid Team


TAG Talks Podcast

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