Comprised of three chicks and one dude who, surprisingly, is not the drummer—The Ultrasounds fashion a wall of noisy guitars and feedback juxtaposed with frail but poignant melodies. It's an indie, post-punk, and sludge amalgam for all except tasteless squares.

"The winsome quartet delivered a guitar heavy, drum-driven set filled with distorted dream-pop that commanded the attention of the packed (and well-lubricated) bar. Frontwoman Megan Hanson's dulcet vocals provided a nice counterbalance to her and Todd Hanson's grungy, sludgy guitars, while Amber Fletcher's insistent, quick-fire drums drove the pulsing songs forward." - City Pages

"The Ultrasounds provided me with my second chance to see husband and wife duo Megan and Todd Hanson in action during MWMF, having seen them early in the evening on Thursday night when they performed as My Private Eye. While My Private Eye found them dabbling in driving, New Wave inspired power pop that occasionally reminded me of BNLX, the Ultrasounds was a more straightforward rock band and came equipped with a secret weapon: ferocious drummer Amber Fletcher (pictured), who ditched the kit about eight songs in and picked up a guitar. Fletcher moved between the two instruments with ease and was also an engaging singer, leading the band through their catchiest songs." - The Current

Megan Hanson- Guitar, Vocals
Courtney Guenveur- Bass
Amber Fletcher- Drums
Todd Hanson- Guitar, Vocals


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