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The Artist Grid was founded with the goal to support all artists and organizations while breaking down competitive mindsets to create new collaborative communities. We strive to go beyond what is seen as the "cap" to a business to artist relationship. Through fair partnerships, The Grid will eventually offer physical and career resources for artists, from artists.


To connect and grow supportive arts communities for creators though artist based supportive programming, inter-community collaboration, and creator networking and promotion.


We are in the firm belief that artists and creators are responsible for the shaping of each community. We see it as our mission to help, support, and influence those creators and communities. We are always looking for more artists and organizations support. So if you want to become part of The Artist Grid, drop us a line! 


Sleeping Jesus CC1.jpg




Owner and Creator of The Artist Grid

Danny comes from his role as Vice President of Treedome Productions and co-lead coordinator of Shut Down Third Street to start this project. There is a need in the arts community for  change and he strives to lead it with the team.  Cat mom, often confused for that guy that you know but really isn't him, doesn't know how to smile in pictures.



Owner and Creator of The Artist Grid

Andy is a seasoned studio engineer and bassist for Sleeping Jesus. This guy has the connections. He serves as the corner piece of the artist-to-organization puzzle. Seriously, he knows everyone. Professional dog-petter, actually The Ghost of Christmas Present, your parents would love him.



Owner and Creator of The Artist Grid

Nick is thoroughly involved in the arts scene, lead singer for Sleeping Jesus, and helps artists land gigs for a living. What can't he do? Nothing. He knows what artists need and knows how to get it to them. He is the 90's incarnate, pairs well with an IPA, your #1 fan. Who wouldn't want to be Nick?

meghan team pic.jpg


Marketing Manager of The Artist Grid

Or Mama G as we call her. If Meghan was a scented candle it would be "Pool Boy Giving Me a Mojito On A Weekend Get-away To Bali". She is the cyber wonder-boy; the creme de la creme of the marketing elite. She thinks her jokes are the best. If you need marketing help or just a tropical drink and a 90's high school drama flick, Meghan's your hook up!

tanner team pic.jpg


Project Development Specialist & Idea Sculptor 

If we had a penny for every great idea Tanner came up with we would close up shop and go into the copper business. He is the proverbial lightning rod for ideas. Chiseled from stone, the heart of a grandmother, he's our Tanner and you can't have him. When he's not developing TAG hes busy releasing more musical projects than you can count.


The Artist Grid claims no ownership of any art or works represented or shown on our site unless produced by The Artist Grid.

We strive to represent works from all artists as their own and to promote them to our best ability. 

If you feel that any of your work is misrepresented, could be done so better, or would like your content removed please contact us.

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