The Indexes are a community tool to see who is creating and building in the creative community. The Creator Index is an ever evolving list of artists and creatives. Each artist on the index had a page with links to their creative work, and about section, and photos. The Community Index was originally created to show community and arts based businesses but has since evolved into a resource all local businesses may utilize. This change was made to aid the spread of these business' updated information during the COVID-19 crisis.This is a free resource for anyone interested. Click the button at the bottom of this page to submit your info and get on THE GRID.

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Creator Index

The Creator Index is a tool to see who is influencing the SE Minnesota  community with their art and creative abilities. This list includes local artists as well as artists that frequent the Southern MN scene. The Artist Grid team is always adding artists but if you or someone you know should be on the list, please get in touch!

Community Index

The Community Index is a tool to see who is influencing the Winona community with their art or contributions to the arts. The Artist Grid team is always adding organizations so if you or someone you know should be on the list, drop us a line!

Creator and Community Pages

Here are examples of Creator and Community pages from our index!

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