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A Message from Andy

Tend to your garden, and then watch it grow. This has been a mantra of mine for a long time. I’ve always viewed it as a life philosophy more than a simple instruction. The saying has many different meanings, but, personally, I’ve always viewed it as a challenge. The challenge being “did you take care of the things will feed your soul today?” And I’ve always thought of this as way to live. I measure a garden by the plants. I judge an art scene by the community and collaboration of the artists and the creatives in town. Community was one of those words I always thought was empty. But I think community is much more an incredibly varied definition word. I see community when I see artists support each other at shows. I see community when I see bands playing together, and maybe helping each other with different tasks. I see community when I see listeners hearing their next favorite band for the first time. I see community when people band together to put something together. I see community in the excitement that first time a collaboration really clicks. I see community in Winona. I think Winona is strong in it’s arts and culture. What I do think is difficult, is getting the knowledge about what happens, where, and when. I think that information is becoming harder and harder to find. What we aim to do here is to tear down those difficulties.
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